Falcon Locks – W Series

If you are looking to purchase commercial locks for your school, warehouse, storeroom, entrance, hallway, or office building, Falcon W Series locks might be the right choice for you. If you are located in Southeastern Michigan, we can deliver and install Falcon Locks in your building and even if you are located outside of our service range, we can ship you the correct locks for your current project. To get a quote on Falcon locks, please send us an email or call (810) 239-8911.

The Falcon W Series locks stand out in the market by offering a broad range of functions and finishes, surpassing other grade 2 locks in versatility and design options. Customers can choose from seven stylish lever designs, two knob styles, and two sizes of rose diameters to seamlessly complement any commercial door setting.

These locks are designed with both conventional cylinders and small format interchangeable cores, ensuring compatibility with SFIC products from various brands. Notably, the conventional cylinders are available in all Falcon key sections and the Schlage C keyway, with the added benefit of masterkeying across Falcon’s entire product range.

The W Series by Falcon, a trusted name in security solutions, delivers exceptional quality at an unbeatable value, making it an ideal choice for businesses seeking reliable and aesthetically pleasing locking mechanisms.

FBH stocks DANE lever style, although we can special order other Falcon Lock Commercial Levers.

  • Product specifications
  • ANSI/BHMA: Certified ANSI/BHMA A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 2.
  • UL: Listed for 3-hour fire door, A label.
  • Functions: 11 commercial functions available. At FBH, we carry Passage (101), Privacy (301), Entrance (511), Classroom (561), and Storeroom (581), although others can be special ordered. For items we have in stock, online orders are shipped in 1 -3 days.
  • Rose size: Standard rose diameter 3 3⁄8″. Small rose diameter 2 9⁄16″.
  • Finishes: 8 options available. At FBH, 626 is what we carry in stock but can special order others.
  • Door thickness: 1 3⁄8″ to 1 3⁄4″ standard.
  • Backset: Standard rose – 2 3⁄4″ backset; Small rose – 2 3⁄8″ backset.
  • Mechanism: Parts constructed of brass or cold-formed steel, zinc plated and dichromated for rust resistance. Springs are stainless steel.
  • Attachment: Lock chassis secured to door by two screws which pass through a steel rose insert inside and thread directly into the outer rose-mounting assembly, and two screws that screw into the chassis assembly.
  • Handing: Locks are non-handed.
  • Cylinder: Conventional cylinder, drilled with 6-pin chambers, pinned in 5 comes standard. Pinning in 6 chambers available when specified. Optional 7-pin conventional and 6- or 7-pin Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) cylinders. Cylinder housings and plugs machined from solid brass. Springs are phosphor bronze. Two nickel silver keys furnished standard. See SFIC cylinder information on page 8 and W Series cylinder pages for additional options.
  • Keyways: “G” keyway standard on conventional cylinders. “A” keyway standard on SFIC cylinders. Additional options: Falcon, Schlage and many Best and Arrow keyways.
  • Trim: Roses are heavy wrought brass or bronze, installed over steel rose inserts which are through-bolted. Levers are pressure-cast zinc (solid levers-no-inserts) finished to match mating parts.
  • Latches: 1⁄2″ bolt projection made of stainless steel and UL listed for 3-hour door assemblies. Latches have selfadjusting fronts to accommodate beveled or flat doors.
  • Standard rose: 2 3⁄8″ backset with 1″ x 21/4″ latch face or 2 3⁄4″ backset with 11 ⁄8″ x 21 ⁄4″ latch face. Small rose: 3⁄4″ backset with 1 1 ⁄8″ x 2 1 ⁄4″ latch face.
  • Strikes: 4 7 ⁄8″ x 1 1 ⁄4″ ANSI strike with curved lip to meet ANSI A115.2 door frame preparation standard. Consult Options and Accessories section for other available strikes, sizes and configurations.
  • Screws: Furnished with combination screws for use in wood or metal doors and frames.