Security Door Installations

Upgrading aluminum glass commercial doors to an exterior security metal door is one of FBH’s most common services. Every year, we help hundreds of Michigan businesses, universities doctor’s offices, and government buidlings become safer with steelcraft hollow metal doors, installed by professionals with decades of experience.

Criminals can easily smash through a glass door, but a hollow metal door that has been installed correctly and with the right professional grade security hardware will keep your building secure for years.

What does a commercial door need to be secure?

Hanging Devices: a secure door needs to be hung correctly. Depending on the traffic, we will reccommend either conventional hinges, continuous hinges, pivots, floor closers, power transfer devices.

Securing Devices: to make sure a door stays shut, you need to make sure it is correctly secured. Typical options are active leaf locksets and latchsets, deadlocks, exit devices with trim and/or cylinders. Inactive leaf installation, surface bolts, or flush bolts.

Note: not all combinations of secure devices (using both exit devices and seperate deadlocks, for example) meet fire codes and should not be installed without professional consultation.

Operating Trim: Door Pulls, Push Plates, Push and Pull Bars.

Accessories for Pairs of Doors: Soffit Mounted Coordinators, Gravity Type Coordinators, Carry Bar

Closing and Control: Overhead Stops and Holders, Surface or Concealed Closers, Powered Closers, Mounting Brackets or Plates

Protective Plates/Trim: Mop Plates, Kick Plates, Stretcher Plates, Armor Plates, Door Edges

Stops and Holders: Wall or Floor Stops, Wall or Floor Stop and Holders, Electromagnetic Door Holders

Accessories: Thresholds and Gasketing

Miscellaneous Items: Door Silencers, Latch Guards, Door Knockers, Mail Slots, Door Viewers, Room Numbers, Room Name Plates, etc…



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