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The 6 best Classroom door security locks

School Lockdown Door Security Device Options: How to make classroom doors more secure and school doors safer.



  • LOCK FUNCTION AND TYPE- We recommend: Classroom Security Function locks.  Locks / Unlocks from inside by key or outside by key. (or electronic fob/credential if electrified)  See lock function explanation 
  • CYLINDERICAL OR MORTISE-lock from the inside  *additional deadlatch for added security
  • MECHANICAL OR ELECTRONIC locks -either WORK with key, fob, and/or card credential! 
  • EXISTING DOORS AND FRAMES- steel, reinforced, frames and commercial grade doors and  locks windows not to exceed 12″ with extra glazing film or protective grate.
  • ENTRANCE DOORS- buzz in, card readers, cameras
  • VESTIBULES- another layer of security-custom fabricated steel – two sets of doors creates A locked chamber that should direct visitors through the office with a buzz in.
  • STEEL WINDOW WALLS added vision with bolistic protective film
  • PANIC DEVICES with  classroom security function locks & visual indicators
  • DOOR POSITION SWITCHES-on all exterior school doors
  • PANIC BUTTON installed in main  office- sends 911 signal
  • LOCKDOWN  BUTTON installed in main office if you have networked access control  can instantly lockdown  entire building (if doors are closed!!)
  • RETROFIT KITS AVAILABLE -convert classroom lock function to classroom security lock function (upgrade kits for Schlage ND and L Series classroom locks)
  • LATCHGUARDS for added security

01. Schlage ND75 lock

Schlage classroom security lock

Schlage ND75 Classroom Security  lock function

Mechanical – classroom security function. Heavy Duty Cylindrical lock. • Key in either lever locks or unlocks outside lever. • Inside lever always free for immediate egress. Can add latchguard to door frame at strike to eliminate  tampering. Download pdf  brochure

Retrofit available to convert classroom function to classroom security function for both ND and L series schlage locks.


.02. Schlage L9071

 Schlage classroom security lock L9071

Schlage L9071  school door classroom security function lock
With vandal guard and visible lock indicator Classroom security lock ( LV for Vandelgaurd option). Mortise lock with  deadlatch-  Heavy Duty locks and unlocks from inside or outside with key
download pdf brochure



03. sCHLAGE l9457

Schlage L 9457 classroom security lock with deadbolt and visible lock indicator

Schlage L 9457 with visible lock indicator, and deadlatch. Classroom Security Lock with Deadbolt. Locks with key from inside or outside. Has added deadbolt that retracts with lever turn from inside so is always free for immediate egress with added security of a deadbolt. Download pdf brochure

04. Schlage CO220 Stand alone electronic school security lock

 Schlage electronic classroom security lockSchlage C0220 Classroom
security lock.

 Heavy Duty Cylindrical lock. • Key in either lever (inside or outside) locks or unlocks outside lever. • Inside lever always free for immediate egress. Can add latchguard to door frame at strike to eliminate  tampering. Download pdf brochure

.05. Schlage L9071 Lock

Schlage L9071 Mortise lock for classroom door security

Schlage L 9071   classroom security function lock.

 Mortise  lock with  ( LV for Vandelgaurd option). with deadlock deadlatch- Heavy Duty- locks and unlocks from inside or outside with key Download pdf brochure

06. SCHLAGE AD 400 Networked Wireless classroom security Lock

Schlage AD 400 school classroom lock

Schlage AD 400 Series lock

Classroom Security Lock –  credential from inside or outside.  Always free for immediate egress. Keypad, Proximity reader, fob, card, mag stripe available.

 Download pdf brochure

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

No interior locked classroom door has ever been kicked in or breached by an active shooter.  Beware of salesmen selling cave-man technology school door barricades that break the law and violate NFPA 80 fire codes and Life Safety 101, along with ADA non compliance.  These school door barricades are a liability problem for schools and could cause unintended and very dangerous consequences if a predator used them. Staff and first responders may not be able to get into a classroom.


Locked classroom doors that were breached by shooters

Documented instances where predators have used barricades to lock students in a classroom

access control & school door electronics

What We Do Best

Door position switches

These low voltage school door sensors alert school administration to unauthorized open egress doors on the perimeter of a building envelope.

panic buttons

Panic buttons can not only alert law enforcement of an emergency, but can also be used to lockdown  school doors using electrified door hardware.

Security Management Systems

We integrate electrified HES door strikes or Schlage door locks with existing IT Network school platforms. We also help train staff on stand alone and programmable electronic locks like Schlage CO220 classroom security locks.

School key management systems

We keep your school keying records, help you set up a system and are authorized to duplicate Schlage Primus  & Everest High Security keys.

For securing an IT room door –Schlage  Primus or Everest restricted and authorized user keys


Fire Door labeling and inspections

Our certified fire door inspector can do a full maintenance check on all of your doors to ensure they are all up to code.

Custom Vestibule Hollow metal Steel Fabrication

We can fabricate your custom designed secondary school entrance or added vestibule to direct visitors through specific doorways for another added layer of door security.

School entrances and vestibules

Steel reinforced front entrances and vestibules

Custom Fabricated Steel Entry Systems

We build from Architectural Specifications – custom school entry doorways, and front entrance systems for schools.

replace full glass doors

We remove old doors with full glass and replace, install new safer and more secure school entrance door systems.

Old School door removal and replacement. Retrofit your school entrance and add a vestibule for an added layer of door security to your school entrance.

The main entrance of a school should be clearly marked and direct traffic through a secured vestibule that is visible from the main office where visitors are directed to walk through in order to gain entrance into the school.  Perimeter doors should be limited, and locked at all times.  Vestibules should  be transparent  for natural surveillance, and hollow metal window walls provide that surveillance and bolistic film can be added to the windows.  Bullet proof glass can be added at a reception window for optimum protection.

School main entrance doors should have vestibule doors

Good school entrance vestibule design


This is an example of a good design I found, published by the Texas Association for School Administrators.

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