Bathroom Door/Partition Installation

FBH offers bathroom partition installation in Southeastern Michigan as well as all other commercial bathroom improvement needs. If you are outside of our installation range, we can ship the correct products to your jobsite for installation. Scroll down to see an example of our work.

Products we carry:

  • Bathroom Dividers
  • Bathroom Partitions
  • Bathroom Partition Hardware
  • Bathroom Locks
  • Bathroom Mirrors
  • Bathroom Hand Dryers and Towel Dispensors

We can also special order and install thousands of commercial bathroom products based on your requirements.

Here is a recent example of our work. The bathroom partitions, doors, and hardware in the left hand picure were stained, ill-fitting, and lacked privacy. In one day, we were able to update this resteraunt’s bathroom. Our installers have decades of experience and we stand by our work. If your businesses’s bathrooms are looking dingy, contact us today.

A bathrom with loose locks and sagging partition doors/walls is an eye sore, lowers company morale, and drives away customers. Talk to a commercial bathroom upgrade specialist today.