Falcon Keyway Chart

The interchangeable core (I/C) system offers unparalleled flexibility for property owners, ensuring security can be quickly restored if keys are misplaced or stolen. This system allows individuals without locksmith training to easily rekey locks using a special “control” key, which is designed to insert or remove cores from locks. This means that changing a lock’s core at any door can be done in moments, swiftly reinstating security.

Falcon’s range of interchangeable cores and I/C locksets is designed to be compatible with other small format interchangeable core (SFIC) products from brands like Best and Arrow, allowing for seamless integration. Our products can accommodate cores from these brands, and in many instances, Falcon can provide cores that are master keyed to blend with your existing Best or Arrow key systems, provided you supply a copy of your current bitting list.

For projects requiring construction keying with interchangeable cores, Falcon supplies temporary cores that share a keying system different from the final master key system. These construction cores are intended for use during construction phases and can be exchanged for permanent cores when the property is handed over to the owner. The transition is made efficient by returning the construction cores to Falcon Lock for credit. Orders should include the contact details of the recipient for the construction, master, and change keys.

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