Weatherstripping is the process of ensuring that your rooms and corridors are kept safe from cold winters, hot summers, and dangerous fires. By filling the gaps with caulk or a similar strip, air cannot leak in, creating a room that is quiet, safe, and up to code. Here are 4 reasons why you need to invest in adequate weather stripping.

1. Warmer Rooms = Lower Energy Bills

Weatherstripping keeps out the cold air- if you have a professional install the weatherstrips and replace them regularly, you’re guaranteed to keep the drafty air out and the hot air in which is a great way to lower your energy bills, by up to 25%, in fact. We recommend an annual check of all door weatherstripping on commercial buildings and replace as necessary.  A comprehensive door maintenance program can help you maintain a fully sealed building envelope.

2. Is You building Up to Fire Code?

Without adequately weatherstripped doors, fires can easily get around a sturdy fire-proof door. Because of this, fire code NFPA 80  demands proper weatherstripping on  fire rated doors to contain smoke and fire. As fire code becomes more and more strictly enforced, the consequences for failing inspections can be monetary as well, forcing your building to close down while the changes are made and potentially incurring fines.

3. The Sound of Silence

If your doors and windows are not properly weatherstripped, sound will bounce around the edges and rooms that normally may be silent would be extremely noisy. If you’re a business, school, or hospital, you know the importance of having a quiet atmosphere and, without weatherstripping, such an environment is virtually impossible.

4. Doors with Faulty Weatherstrips Look Worse

Have you ever seen a door that’s weatherstripping is crumbling at the edges? A door that isn’t weatherstripped looks cheap and gives out a bad impression. Fresh weatherstripping is a cost-effective way to add professionalism to your building and let everyone who walks into your building know that where they are matters.


Weatherstripping is an important way to not only make your building safer, but also lower energy bills and increase its aesthetic appeal, if you want to learn more about weatherstripping, check out the links below. If you’re interested in scheduling a free assessment in Michigan or Northern Ohio, email Gretchen Knoblock to set that up.



article from the US Government about the importance of weatherstripping

article from Michigan State University about the importance of weatherstripping