How are you dealing with commercial doors and rust? While many think of a rusty door as being  primarily damaging to the metal’s appearance, its effects are far more destructive and wide-ranging than that, interfering with the chemical bonds of the metal . This can be a result of weathering or decay and can seriously compromise the integrity of your building. Even if you find a way to hide the aesthetic damages caused by this oxidation, rust will still have a serious effect on your door’s health.

When your door is damaged by rust, it become an  unsecure portal that will be prone to break-ins.  According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there were over 2.1 million break-ins in America in 2012. Don’t let rust make your building vulnerable.

Your doors are the gateway to your world; through them life flows in and out. With continual use, however, comes wear, decay, and potentially rust.

Rust also shortens the life of the metal in your door. This can limit your door’s long-term viability and potentially lead you to the cost of replacing your door long before you were expecting.

Rust is a problem that will constantly be attacking your commercial doors. The more use an entry has, the more likely it is to succumb to the elements.  It is a fearsome enemy that can inflict great damage, but also one that can be held at bay if you take the right precautions. Don’t send out the wrong message by welcoming customers with an untidy, aged looking door. Be sure to keep the aesthetics of your door in top condition. is your complete door solution. They can provide the crucial maintenance necessary to keep your doors rust free and looking great. To maintain the security and safety of your building, don’t fool around with rust. Let the experts at keep your door operating perfectly.